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"The Big Ticket"

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(pictures courtesy Frank Raffa)

After the huge success of the "WABC 25,000 Button" WABC was in search of a new big contest.
Times had changed since WABC gave away just kitchen appliances in the mid sixties.
Competition with other stations pushed prize limits (and prize expectations) higher and higher.

"The Big Ticket" was Rick Sklar's last big contest for WABC prior to his promotion to the network.
In his book "Rocking America" he described the contest this way:

"The last of the great promotions I saw launched at WABC was called "the Big Ticket."
It made the fullest possible use of the data processing and of ABC's Mainframe computers in Hackensack.

"The idea was simple enough.  On a certain Sunday, every major newspaper in the area
would include a four-color cardboard supplementary insert.  It would contain
numbered tickets and would show fantastic prizes, ranging from automobiles to
fabulous vacations to color television sets and appliances of every type.
If your ticket number was announced over the radio, you would win a gigantic prize.
If only the first three digits of your number were called, you would still win a prize,
albeit a smaller one, admission to a movie perhaps.  All you had to do when you heard your
number was to call WABC and claim your prize.  To verify your claim we would ask you
to read back the winning number from your ticket and also a second or verification code number
that was on the ticket and unique to it.  Our computer operators would punch up the
verifying numbers on a screen and if your winning number accompanied it,
we knew we had a legitimate winner.

"Tens of millions of tickets were dropped on the marketplace at the same moment.
We gave away prizes for three months.  The ratings jumped two entire share points.
"The Big Ticket,", under other names, was seized on by stations everywhere.
In Chicago, a station mailed tickets to listeners instead of including it in the Sunday papers.
Houston, Detroit, Boston, and other markets saw ratings leap when
tickets went out just before a rating period."

Here is a Bob Cruz aircheck from March 13, 1976.
This show was recorded the Friday night/Saturday morning
just before the Sunday papers were to have the "Big Ticket" insert included.

As a side note, this aircheck of Bob features him just
after he started at WABC on March 1, 1976.

Bob Cruz on WABC


John Troll Profile

"J.T." is the main person behind the weekly Rewound Radio DJ Hall of Fame Show.
He collects, restores and programs those great classic DJ shows for the very popular Saturday afternoon show.
Scott Benjamin interviewed him for

John Troll Profile

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