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Here Are the Top 77 Songs AS YOU VOTED FOR THEM

For the 26th Edition!

(Voting took place between 10/24/23 and 12/4/23)

(For The Entire List of Over 3,100 Songs See Below)


2023 Rank/Title/Artist/Year/Top 77 History

*Indicates a former #1 song on the Billboard charts or on WABC Radio in New York. National rankings are based on Billboard's Top/Hot 100 Charts.

77. Jumpin' Jack Flash – Rolling Stones (1968) Making our list for the sixth time, this was the only Stones   song to make the national top 20 in 1968.

76. Piano Man – Billy Joel (1974) Although this song has made the Top 77 six times, last year it dipped down to #382  before rebounding to #76 this year!

75.*Groovin' – Young Rascals (1967) This is the third year in a row and the seventh year overall that this song has cracked the Top 77. It was #42 last year.

74. Something – Beatles (1969) Making the Top 77 for the 11th time, it's hard to believe that this song only peaked at #7 on WABC in 1969.

73. Here Comes the Sun – Beatles (1969) From the “Abbey Road” LP,  this cut jumps onto the Top 77 for the seventh time.

72.*Crystal Blue Persuasion – Tommy James & the Shondells (1969) This is the 17th time that this song has been on the Top 77. Back in 2005 it had its peak of #27.

71. Ain't No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (1967) This song was much bigger on WABC than nationally (#7 vs. #19). It jumps back onto the Top 77 for the seventh time.

70.*The House of the Rising Sun – Animals (1964) Repeating on the Top 77 for the 13th time, this one's best year was 2016 when it was voted #38.

69. Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen (1975) – This cut from the “Born to Run” LP is back on the Top 77 for the ninth time, after missing last year.

68.*Maggie May – Rod Stewart (1971) After inexplicidly slipping to #232 last year, Rod is back on the Top 77 for the 14th time.

67. Don't Worry Baby – Beach Boys (1964) Originally the flip side of “I Get Around”, this makes the Top 77 for the ninth time. “I Get Around” has only made it twice.

66. Can't Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley (1962) In 2005,  this song was voted #13 , its peak on the Top 77. It has been voted onto the Top 77 for 21 out of 26 years.

65. Da Doo Ron Ron – Crystals (1963) Phil Spector's “Wall of Sound” classic returns to the Top 77 for the sixth time.

64.*It's Too Late – Carole King (1971) It's the ninth time around for this classic.

63.*Happy Together – Turtles (1967) It was #19 last year but hangs in at #63 in its ninth time on the Top 77.

62.*I Get Around – Beach Boys (1964) A #1 song on the national charts, this song stopped at #2 on WABC.

61. Then He Kissed Me – Crystals (1963) It's the third time this classic hit has climbed onto the Top 77 and this year it's at its highest peak yet.

60. Tighter Tighter – Alive & Kicking (1970) Written by Tommy James, it's the first time this song has made it into the Top 77 since 2002...proving that Alive & Kicking are still alive and kicking.

59.*Dancing Queen – ABBA (1977) As incredible as it may sound, this is the first time this song AND THIS GROUP has ever made the Top 77!

58.*Yesterday – Beatles (1965) It's the 20th time around for the song that was #48 last year. Its peak on the Top 77 came way back in 2003 when it was voted #24.

57.*Oh, Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison (1964) Our boy Roy hasn't been on the Top 77 since 2009 when it was #77, It peaked in 2004 when it was #16.

56. Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty (1978) This is the sixth time around for the former lead singer of Steelers Wheel, who fell just short of #1, peaking at #2 nationally and on WABC.

55. 25 or 6 to 4 – Chicago (1970) Numbers, numbers, everywhere. “25 or 6 to 4” was #54 in 2007 and returns at #55 in 2023 after reaching #11 on WABC and #2 nationally.

54.*Downtown – Petula Clark (1965)  Everyone's favorite “Pet” has made the Top 77 12 times and returns after missing the Top 77 last year.

53. Mr. Dieingly Sad – Critters (1966). It's made our Top 77 eight times, but I'm still trying to figure out how to spell “dieingly”...or if that's even a word!

52. Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) – Swingin' Medallions (1966). It's the third time this has made the list. From #67 and then #65 to #52. Now that's (very slow) progress!

51. Because – Dave Clark Five (1964) A Top 77 song 23 out of 26 years! It made it to #11 in 2004,

50. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (1976/1992) A Top 3 national and WABC hit, it actually dropped down from #45 last year despite peaking at #14 just five years ago.

49.*Daydream Believer – Monkees (1967) This is the 13th time in 26 years that this #1 hit has made the Top 77, but it drops down from #23 last year.

48.*The Rain, the Park and Other Things – Cowsills (1967) It was #18 twice in its 12 years on the Top 77. This year it jumps back into the Top 77 from  #94 last year.

47.*You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' – Righteous Brothers (1965) It was an across-the-board #1 song in 1965, but its peak was in 2001 when it was #22 on the Top 77.

46. Dawn (Go Away) – 4 Seasons (1964) It's the 19th time around for this hit. It was never #1 when released in 1965. It peaked at #2 then and #19 on  our 2010' top 77.

45.*Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin (1959) 23 out of 26 years this one has made ourTop 77, landing at #2 in the second year of voting in 1999.

44. Layla – Derek & the Dominos (1971/1972)  It's the 21st time on the list, jumping back onto the Top 77 after missing it last year.

43. Everything That Touches You – Association (1968) This song has only made the Top 77 three times, but this year is its strongest showing.

42. Midnight Confessions – Grass Roots (1968) This takes a big jump up from #74 last year. This is its 19th time on the Top 77.

41.*Sugar Sugar – Archies (1969) It fought “Aquarius”  for the biggest hit of 1969. For us, it's here for the 12th time.

40. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond (1969) It's back for the eighth time  after dropping all the way down to #143 last year.

39. Morning Girl – Neon Philharmonic (1969) In its ninth time on the Top 77, this one jumps back onto the list after peaking as high as #24 three years ago.

38.*One Less Bell to Answer – 5th Dimension (1970) They had 8 songs debut on the Hot 100 in 1970, but this was the only top 20 hit. It's the seventh time on  our Top 77.

37.*Nights in White Satin – Moody Blues (1972) Imaking the Top 77 22 times., this one took a deep breath this year and dropped  a little bit from #26 last year.

36.*The Sound(s) of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel (1965)  An electric guitar added to a years-old recording  resulted in a huge #1 hit. It's here for the ninth time.

35. I Only Have Eyes for You – Flamingos (1959) This song seems to make the Top 77 every year. In reality, it's made it 16 times. This year it's up from #59.

34. Go All the Way – Raspberries (1972) It has been on the Top 77 six times, but interestingly four of those six times came in the last four years. It was #38 in 2022.

33.*Cherish – Association (1966) It has yet to make it into our top ten, but it's only missed making the Top 77 four times.

32.*Hotel California – Eagles (1977) This was #1 nationally but was stopped at #2 on WABC. It's on the Top 77 for the 22nd time.

31.*What's Going On – Marvin Gaye (1971) This and “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” proved to be Marvin's biggest hits. It's here for the ninth year.

30.*I Want to Hold Your Hand – Beatles (1964) The song that started Beatlemania in the U.S. has been on our list every single year, making it into the top ten 17 times!

29. Beginnings – Chicago (1971) This missed the Top 77 for the first 15 years, but then has made it for 10 of the last 11 years. Perhaps it's the beginnings of things to come.

28. In My Life – Beatles (1966) From the “Rubber Soul” LP, it's finished as high as #18 in the 20 times it has been voted onto the Top 77.

27.*Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) - 5th Dimension (1969) It's made the top 20 four times in the 14 years it's been on the Top 77.

26. Superstar – Carpenters (1971) It couldn't quite get to #1 in 1971, peaking at #2 on WABC and the national charts. So far, it made our Top 77 five times.

25.Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett (1977) It's on the Top 77 for the first time up from #1133 as people mourn Jimmy's passing. It was a #12 hit on WABC and  #8 nationally.

24.*Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) – Looking Glass (1972) It was #16 last year, but dropped a bit this year in its 19th go 'round.

23. Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan (1965) It's made our list 24 out of 26 years, but couldn't quite crack our top 10, peaking at #12 in 2011.

22.*California Dreamin' – Mamas & the Papas (1966) It was a #1 song on WABC but only got to #4 on the national chart. It's made the Top 77 fifteen times.

21.*Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley (1969) This was Elvis' first national #1 song since “Good Luck Charm” in the spring of 1962. It's on the Top 77 for the 18th time.

20.*Let It Be – Beatles (1970) This one made our top five three times...BUT it also missed the list completely once. Go figure. Its in its 25 th time on the Top 77.

19.*I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) – Four Tops (1965) This is the 18th time it's made the Top 77. This year, it almost beat its previous peak of #17.

18. Can't Find the Time – Orpheus (1969) This is in its 12th time on the Top 77. It's amazing that it only got to #80 the multiple times it was released.

17.*My Girl – Temptations (1965) A national #1 hit, but it only peaked at #4 on WABC. Here it was #3 the very first year of this survey and only missed the 2002 Top 77 .

16.*She Loves You – Beatles (1964) We're down to only ten songs that have made the Top 77 every year, and this is one of them, peaking at #4 on our 1998 list, our first.

15.*Be My Baby – Ronettes (1963) Peaked at #1 on WABC but only #2 nationally. It's made the Top 77  twenty-one times . Surprisingly it never made it into our top ten.

14. In the Still of the Nite – Five Satins (1956) Another one that's made it every year onto the top 77, but this only peaked at #24 on the national charts.

13. A Day in the Life – Beatles (1967) This “Sgt. Pepper's...” LP cut took a healthy jump from #43 last year in its 22nd time on the Top 77.

12. Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell (1968) This is the third time Glen's made the top 20 with 14 years so far on the Top 77.

11. Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin  (1972) From the “Led Zeppelin IV” LP, this is another one of the songs that have made the list every year, as high as #2 in 2009.

10.*Ain't No Mountain High Enough – Diana Ross (1970) It was #2 an amazing 7 times out of the 24 years it was on this Top 77.

9..*Light My Fire – Doors (1967) Another one in our “Golden Circle” of songs that have made the Top77 every year, this peaked at #2 on our very first survey in 1998.

8.*Good Vibrations – Beach Boys (1966) A top ten finisher ten times, this is another of the special songs that have made the Top 77 every year.

7.* Rag Doll – 4 Seasons (1964) It's made the list 25 times and was #1 on the Top 77 in 2010. When released in 1964, this jumped from “Pick Hit” to #1 on WABC.

6. MacArthur Park – Richard Harris (1968) It stalled at #2 both nationally and on WABC but it's made our Top 77 every year. Twice it finished at #3 in the voting.

5.*American Pie – Don McLean (1972) 26 times voted in, and a top five finisher 11 times.

4.*Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel (1970) This is another song that's been voted  into the Top 77 every year. This year it matches its peak position of #4.

3. God Only Knows – Beach Boys (1966) It was the flip side of “Wouldn't It Be Nice” and only peaked at #39, but it's grown in stature since then to become one of the group's most beloved songs. It dropped DOWN this year, falling from #2 last year. It totally missed our list three times.

2.*Hey Jude – Beatles (1968) Widely recognized as the biggest song of the 1960s if not of all-time, this has topped our chart an incredible 24 out of 26 times, clearly making it the overall king of this Top 77 list. 24 times #1. Two times #2. Wow!

1.*(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones (1965) The ballot-stuffers who were trying to make this #1 this year were out in force and  even though those votes were deemed invalid and cancelled, his year there were still enough LEGITIMATE votes to push this to #1, likely on the heels of the Stones' touring and new LP. The song has made the list every year. It finished in the top five twenty-two times and at #2 eight times. Although it's a surprise #1 this year, it still has a way to go to match “Hey Jude”.



There you have it...the “Cream of the Crop” of more than 3,100 songs that got votes.


Special “Thanks” goes to Frank Thomas for his exceptional work on the technical end compiling this list and helping me with the stats we present and for consultation on the overall project...and for being there to bounce ideas off of during this entire  project. He’s an invaluable part of the Top 77 team.

And of course...thanks to Allan Sniffen for turning the list into a great week of music on REWOUND Radio.


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