Your Free Copy of the WABC Top Songs of the Year!

(and this time you don't even need a self addressed stamped envelope!)

How would you like to have the WABC Top Songs of the Year on your own computer and be able to sort these songs by year, artist or title? Here's your chance to download a program which will do just that!

PC Users:

Kris Earl Phillips is President and CEO of KEP Software & Internet Services. In addition, he spent 25 years in radio as a programmer and air personality. His company specializes in designing WWW sites and custom application programming; the majority of which is broadcast related.

Kris was the perfect person to write this program with both his radio background and his computer background. And, I can tell you from working with him on this, no one works better or faster!

This program includes the entire database for all the songs listed on this web page. Once installed, you will be able to sort the songs by year, artist or song title. You can filter the results and arrange them in any way you prefer. It is really neat and a terrific resource to both see what songs were popular on WABC and to find out who sang which song when. And, it is real easy to use. Just read the help instructions which come with it and you're ready!

The download is a ZIP file. Once it is downloaded, unzip it into a temporary directory (AOL users note: AOL automatically unzips the file on download). There will be two files; wabcinst.exe and wabcinst.w02. Start the .EXE file by double clicking on it and then just follow the instructions on your screen to install the program on you computer. That's it!


Click on the Music note below to download!

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Mac Users:

The entire list as a single text file:

Dave Scott converted the whole list to a single text file which you can also download. If you have a favorite database program, here is the data which you can transfer yourself when it is imported into a newly created database file using the following field names: Year, Rank, Title and Artist.


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