WMCA Beatles Promos
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WMCA had some terrific Beatles promos which they dropped in at various times over the air. For example, when there was a winner of a sweatshirt it was not uncommon to hear John Lennon "nominating" the winner to become a WMCA "Good Guy".

Joe O'Brien commented that many of these promos were created when either he or someone else from the station would stick a tape recorder in front of one of The Beatles and simply ask him to repeat a line or just say something... anything! Later on, back at the station, The Good Guys would take those recordings and mix them with WMCA jingles, songs and the disc jockeys themselves talking and laughing.

This is another example of WMCA using production techniques to create some really fun promos. These same techniques were used with the "Good Guy Songs" and with the jingles the station used. Very original and always fun.


John Lennon, Joe O'Brien and Jack Spector get together for a tongue in cheek sing a long!
John, Joe and Jack! (243K)

Hey, Let John make the award!
John nominates a winner! (50K)

Ok... Then Let Ringo make the award!
Ringo nominates a winner! (43K)

John, Joe and Jack do some "Yea Yea Yea's"
John sings with the Good Guys (186K)

John Lennon wants you to stick around for Harry Harrison
Stick around for Harry (193K)

Beatlemania Strikes again for Johnny Dark
Stick around for Johnny (195K)

Your Beatle "Good Guy" John Lennon for Dan Daniel
Stick around for Dan (199K)

Stay tuned for more Beatles sounds on the Jack Spector Show
Stick around for Jack (157K)

All of us Beatles will be joining BMR on the home of the hits WMCA
Stick around for BMR (192K)

Hi everybody in Good Guy Land. Stay tuned to Joe O'Brien
Stick around for Joe (180K)

We play the hits... John thanks Jack Spector for playing the first Beatles record in NY
John thanks Jack (171K)

There's nothing like The WMCA Good Guys in Liverpool according to John...
Good Guy Mania! (136K)

How do these Good Guys do it? Ringo and John want to know....
Another first! (93K)

John Lennon thanks The Good Guys for introducing Beatlemania!
Thanks! (141K)


A special thanks goes to Wayne Sandifer for this contribution!


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