Harry at Home in the WMCA Years

The Harry Harrison that we have heard on New York radio for almost 30 years is exactly the same person off the air. For Harry, it's not about creating an image for the radio, it's about being himself. That may be why he makes radio sound so smooth and relaxed.

Harry is very much a family person and is proud of it. Those who have listened to him for years know the names his entire family, from his wife "Pretty Patti" to his children BJ" (Brian Joseph), Patti, Patrick, and Michael.

These pictures were taken of his family during his years at WMCA. With these web sites we have not generally included family photos. But with Harry, it is impossible not to include his family. They are so much a part of him that you can't talk about Harry without including those who mean the most to him. In fact, he included these pictures with the tremendous amount of radio memorabilia that he has contributed from all the radio stations he has worked at.

To Harry, family is everything. So, the next time you hear him refer to his listeners as his "radio family" you will now know just how much that means to him... and to us.


L to R: "Pretty Patti", "BJ" (Brian Joseph), Harry, Patti, Patrick, Michael ("the twins")


T to B: Harry, "BJ", "Pretty Patti", Patti, Michael, Patrick


Harry in his office


Harry signing records at home



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