WMCA Harry Harrison Airchecks


Harry Harrison sounded great in middays on WMCA. Since 1968, he has handled the morning drive show in New York. But, originally he was on in the late morning on WMCA. He was very good in that time slot. The housewives loved him as his ratings consistently proved. These airchecks of Harry are fun to listen to because he was doing a midday show instead of the morning show he since became famous for:


Harry Harrison donated this aircheck to this web site. It includes many outtakes from the show he did on WMCA over the years. It includes Harry doing his trademark birthday announcements, his dozen roses for Mom on the "WMCA Housewife Hall of Fame", and a great Good Guys song plus other surprises! (courtesy Harry Harrison) (8 mins.)



This aircheck includes Harry doing his famous "Housewife Hall of Fame", running the "Good Guy Derby" and, of course giving away sweatshirts. Harry talks right TO you, not AT you. Also, listen to some of the production on this aircheck... the sound effects, the jingles mixed with station promos and the constant promotions! Good Guy radio was rocking!! (courtesy Gene Knight, KJQY San Diego and Harry Harrison... they both had the same aircheck!) (11 mins.)



Harry Harrison does his final show on WMCA on Saturday, September 21, 1968. He started the following Monday on WABC.




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