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Over WMCA's years as a Top 40 music radio station it used three jingle packages. It addition, the station did a lot of "in house" editing which means that from those basic packages, WMCA would frequently clip out sections of the jingles and remix them into new jingles. And, like most Top 40 radio stations of this era, the disk jockeys also created individual jingles and mixes for their own shows. It is also important to note that the "Good Guy Songs" which were sung by the disk jockeys themselves were frequently used instead of jingles to promote the station.


The Best Sound Package

From approximately 1960 until 1963 this series of jingles was used on WMCA. They were created by Chuck Blore and were also used on other famous Top 40 stations like KBOX in Dallas.

In New York it's WMCA (116K)
W M C A (125K)
570 on Your Dial (106K)
Where More Dials Get Together (55K)
WMCA is the Greatest (154K)
Bell Are All Ringin' (142K)
Come On and Stay (196K)
One... Two... Three (184K)
Keep Your Radio On (198K)
Wake Up! (273K)
570 All The Way (194K)
The Voice of New York (187K)
Six Lively Guys (600K)
Barry Gray (289K)
Radio WMCA First On Your Dial (214K)
Radio WMCA First on Your Dial II (211K)
Radio WMCA First on Your Dial III (205K)


The Good Guy Package

These are the jingles most fans of WMCA will remember. They include the famous "yea yea" jingles. They were produced by Johnny Mann and ran on the station from 1963 to 1967. They returned to WMCA in late 1969 and 1970 when the station tried to revive The Good Guys after attempting some format variations.

They were only ten actual cuts in this package but WMCA edited those 10 long cuts into 105 different jingles. It is amazing what can be done with creative production! There are also a number of instrumental beds that were mixed with the jingles.

WMCA... First With the Hits.... First on Your Dial! (220K)
We Play the Hits.... Fabulous 57 (includes first on your dial) (164K)
We Play the Hits... Fabulous 57 (does not include first on your dial) (140K)
It's the Home of The Hits (126K)
WMCA Hits the Spot.... Spots the Hits (193K)
Radio One... Radio Fun! (205K)
WMCA Yea Yea! (the most famous jingle) (42K)
WMCA (the second most famous jingle) (47K)
Fabulous 57 The Bright Spot (38K)
Fabulous 57 WMCA Yea Yea! (65K)
Fabulous 57 The Bright Spot II (55K)
Radio One... Radio Fun with the Good Guys! (135K)
First On Your Dial... WMCA (63K)
WMCA... Fabulous 57... The Bright Spot (78K)
WMCA.... (27K)
Instrumental bed (214K)
Instrumental bed II (164K)
Instrumental bed III (125K)
Instrumental bed IV (193K)
Instrumental bed V (207K)
Instrumental bed VI (185K)
Instrumental bed VII (112K)
Instrumental bed VIII (95K)
Instrumental bed IX (98K)


Love Begins at 57

WMCA's third major jingle package from The Good Guy era also came from Johnny Mann. It was the "Love Begins" package of jingles and they ran in 1967/68.

57 WMCA New York! (42K)
57.. Good Guy Radio! (37K)
Love Begins at 57... Yea! (43K)
Nothin' But The Hits... Good Guy Radio! (62K)
Nothin' But The Hits... Them's That Gonna Be... (97K)
Hits Begin at 57 (44K)
When You're In Love (46K)
It's a Wonderful World... (100K)
Everything's Comin' Up 57 (57K)
Everybody's Gotta Be Someplace (96K)
All The News... WMCA (70K)
Your Good Music Station in New York (176K)
Love Begins...Where The Good Guys Love You (309K)
Good Guys Sports (289K)
Sports ending instrumental (58K)
The Station That Loves To Give Things Away (266K)
Another Good Guy Winner! (56K)
Winners! Good Guy Sweatshirts! (221K)
Bust Out.... Another Good Guy Weekend! (122K)
We're Having a Love Affair With 20 Million People (102K)
Ain't No Lovin' Like Good Guy Lovin"! (102K)
Radio One.. Radio Fun... WMCA New York (48K)
We Love You Back! (90K)
Those Ever Lovin' Good Guys (88K)
Instrumental bed (38K)
Instrumental bed II (32K)
Instrumental bed III (33K)
Instrumental bed IV (102K)
Instrumental bed V (42K)
Instrumental bed VI (50K)
Instrumental bed VII (94K)
Instrumental bed VIII (57K)
Instrumental bed IX (96K)
Instrumental bed X (74K)
Instrumental bed XI (177K)
Instrumental bed XII (310K)
Instrumental bed XIII (313K)
Instrumental bed XIV (291K)
Instrumental bed XV (266K)


Special appreciation go to Wayne Sandifer and Jay Sclar for their generous contribution of these jingles to this website. Thanks also to Peter Kanze for helping with the background information. All of these jingles are either from the original packages or were recorded directly from tapes in the WMCA studios and preserved over these many years.


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