So You Want Some More Good Guy Pictures...
(courtesy Peter Kanze)


Radio station fans always want to know what their favorite air personalities look like and WMCA certainly gave them plenty of pictures!

These pictures and commentary were taken from publicity material that WMCA distributed to fans of the individual Good Guys and also to advertisers.


Joe O'Brien

WMCA referred to Joe as having... "an instinct for the New Yorkers he takes through those jammed mornings; for the fun and music and company they want... for the facts that will help their day. Being Joe O'Brien is like being a traffic cop in the grandest sense of the word. In the largest city in the world. It means telling a lot of people all about the day they're about to live."



Harry Harrison

Harry's promotional pictures commented... "Harry Harrison's shameless, harmless, endless love affair with Mom gets moms by the tens-of-thousands through the busiest parts of their days. Through housework, ready for homework, off to shop, out for the kids and back for bridge. By getting close to Mom, Harry makes WMCA a family affair."



Jack "Jake" Spector

About Jack, WMCA stated that..."Jack Spector is very New York: hard to type. He devours six newspapers a day and he dotes on the franks at Nathan's. He knows rarified mathematics and in the Brooklyn stickball league, he's know as a long ball hitter. Spector loves his city and sounds it. He thinks if he has a good time on WMCA, everyone else will, too. He does. It's catching."



"Dandy" Dan Daniel

WMCA's description of Dan said..."Dan Daniel shifts gears for the whole metropolitan area. He talks, sweet-talks and entertains New Yorkers through snarled traffic, over tall drinks and through homework and dinner. Dan is a pro who combines "country" with a high dose of sophistication. He's also 6'3'' and a Texan. It's a good thing. He has a job for a big man."



Gary Stevens

About Gary, WMCA asked... "What does it take to interpret life to a teen? It means explaining parents, boys, girls, pimples, dates, double-dates, broken dates, going steady, going out and staying in school. It also involves little brothers, big bothers, little sisters, big sisters, braces-on-your-teeth and spray-on-your-hair. It probably takes a baby faced pro to do the job, and all over New York, Gary Stevens is the "kid" with the assignment. He works hard at it."



Dean "Dino On Your Radio" Anthony

WMCA commented about Dino that... "Dean Anthony can't sing. He does anyway, and a lot of people listen. Including night watchmen, third shifters, late-daters, icebox raiders, tiptoeing husbands, turned-on roommates, diaper-changers and pill-takers. They're nighttime New York-and they like fun for company. He provides it, which is why they tolerate his singing."



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