The Good Guy Reunion


WMCA became a Talk formatted radio station in 1970. Ten years later, on July 21, 1980 they decided to invite The Good Guys back for a reunion. Barry Gray was the host that day and he interviewed Joe O'Brien, Harry Harrison, Jack Spector and Dan Daniel. B. Mitchel Reed also joined them by telephone from Los Angeles.

Barry Gray was a great person to do this interview because he knew them all so well. His talk show had been on WMCA all through the Top 40 days. During those years, his show was on from 11 PM until 1 AM. By 1980, when this show aired, he was on in the early afternoon.

Some perspective as to where those in this interview were by 1980:

Joe O'Brien: Mornings on WHUD in Peekskill, NY.

Harry Harrison: Mornings on WCBS-FM in New York City.

Jack Spector: Weekends at WCBS-FM in New York City.

Dan Daniel: Mornings on WYNY in New York City.

B. Mitchell Reed: Afternoons at KLOS in Los Angeles, California.


Part 1:

Begins with Bert Knapp finishing the news on WMCA. Barry introduces The Good Guys and they discuss the origins of "The Good Guys" on WMCA, the guys each talk about their careers in radio, how radio had changed by 1980, and what it was like at WMCA in the mid sixties. (42 mins.)



Part 2:

Begins with caller Bruce Salinger. Bruce donated this interview to the WMCA website! B. Mitchel Reed calls in and talks about his days at WMCA and how radio and music had since changed by 1980. Was there competition among The Good Guys? Dan Daniel answers that question! The guys then talk about their shows at The Paramount and the excitement of The Beatles. (30 mins.)



Special appreciation goes to Bruce Salinger for contributing this interview!


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