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The jingle section of this web site is one of the most popular. As has been previously commented, we have tried to verify that all the jingles listed were actually used on WABC. This is a difficult task with the WABC PAMS jingles. There were frequently remises and changes to the original jingles before they actually aired. There are many WABC jingles around that were part of demo packages that were never actually used by the station. It is a challenge to research the hundreds of WABC jingles to verify that each individual one was actually on the air.

In this section we do NOT verify that these jingles were used. In fact, we know that many of them were not used on the air by WABC. But, there is still a huge demand for them by jingle fans for one reason or another.

This section is dedicated to the "other" WABC jingles.


Wow! We have our own PAMS jingle!

Thanks to Jonathan Wolfert of PAMS and JAM Creative Productions, we now have our own custom PAMS jingle! WABC fans will certainly recognize this famous PAMS Series 18 jingle.

A BIG thanks to Jon for this fantastic contribution! If your browser doesn't automatically play the jingle when you load this page, or if you would like a much higher quality version of it, you can download it here!

Download our special Welcome Jingle! (Less Quality)
(70K wav file)

Download our special Welcome Jingle! (High Quality)
(848K wav file)



The following jingles are "stereo" WABC PAMS jingles! They were contributed by Tracy E. Carman, Executive Director of the Media Preservation Foundation. These are mix outs of the PAMS 4 Track Masters for various jingle series. Tracy "mixed them down" into stereo and contributed them to this web site! Obviously, they were never used in this form by WABC but they sound great.

Since these are higher quality stereo wav files, they are much larger than the other jingle wav files on this site. But, if you are a "jingle freak" they're worth the download time!

And... Where else could you hear a WABC jingle in STEREO?! They are really neat to listen to.

Thanks Tracy!!!

The Most Music WABC (336K) (Series 30)
Happiness Is and 77 WABC (711K) (Series 28)
77 WABC (Break up Cut 1) (466K) (Series 28)
77 WABC (Break up Cut 2) (492K) (Series 28)
Turn Your Mind Off Baby (599K) (Series 33)
The Fun Capitol of Fun City (753K) (Series 33)
Fun Capitol (acappella) (429K) (Series 33)
77 WABC (264K) (Series 33)
Rock Moog (486K) (Series 33)
WABC.. The Love of New York (Mix Out 1) (490K) (Series 33)
WABC.. The Love of New York (Mix Out 2) (492K) (Series 33)
New York Girls... (533K) (Series 33)
Just For Fun (acappella) (402K) (Series 33)
Just For Fun (418K) (Series 33)
Surfin' Fun.. (360K) (Series 33)
Hawaiian 77 (553K) (Series 33)


The Potpourri
by Ron  Harris

I started collecting jingles in high school. I lived in West Caldwell, NJ, and began my collection with tapes from WVNJ, WNEW, and WABC.

A cold call to Julian Breen resulted in a reel from WABC containing Series 34C and Series 37 jingles. PAMS was kind enough to send me the demos for Series 28, 34AB, and 36, and I was on my way!

During my senior year of high school, I met a substitute teacher named Howard Trombly. He casually mentioned one day that Dan Ingram was his nephew, and that was enough to get me up on the 8th floor at 1330, to watch Dan doing his show in 8A. It would be the first of many visits, and Dan and I still trade Christmas cards each year.

I put together my first jingle sampler in 1970 at my college radio station,WCPR, at Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken. By then, I had made the acquaintance of Jon Wolfert, a friendship that lasts to this day. That first jingle compendium was called, well, "Sampler 1," followed rapidly by "Squish".

The next year, I proceeded to flunk out of  Stevens ("Classes? Who has classes when there's a college radio station to live at?!"), and transferred to Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL.

That was the birthplace of Potpourri 1, in early 1972. I decided to try an experiment using SIUE's radio station automation system to build a sampler.

I selected the cuts, and dubbed every other one (odd/even) onto two 10.5 minute carts, then added secondary cue tones to each to trigger the segues. I added in a few individual jingles on separate carts as afterthoughts, and adjusted the thumbwheels appropriately.

Playback was from two main ATC cart decks, with the add-ins running on a Gates carousel. I sat in the main control room down the hall, manually tweaking a few segues (turning the automation on or off, with manual advances). The result, Potpourri 1, went out to, I believe, nine people.

Shortly afterward, in May, 1972, I made my first pilgrimage to PAMS in Dallas. With the help of Mr. Wolfert, and despite one rambunctious
cockroach, I returned with 14 7" reels and one 5" reel, all filled with both WABC and KXOK/WIL/KIRL jingles.

Potpourri 2 was again automation system-based, and would probably have been done in June, 1972. It too was sent out to less than a dozen collectors. The original opening included a Series 17 generic cut, "Curtain's going up on..." with Jim Clancy saying "Ron Harris, visiting PAMS."

By August, the every-other-cut cart novelty was wearing off, and I splurged on two reel-to-reel decks, a Teac A-1230 and an Akai GX-220D.
Future samplers (Potpourri 3, 3 1/2, and 4) were made on those decks.

In 1973, I graduated SIUE and went to KGMO, Cape Girardeau, MO, doing evenings and shortly thereafter, afternoon drive. I also became
Production Director for KGMO.

In April, 1975, I left Cape Girardeau and went to work at TM Productions in Dallas, making me the third collector to work for one at the majors. I produced demos, wrote commercial copy, mixed jingle packages, etc., for three and a half years.

In October, 1978, I moved to Los Angeles, doing freelance engineering and production (radio specials, national radio spots for Warner Bros. Records, music demos, etc.) and in 1981 went to work for the Westwood One Radio Networks.

I'm still with Westwood One today, producing shows, specials, spots, and dealing with studio maintenance. And yes, I still love jingles!!


The "Jingle Potpourri"
courtesy Ron Harris

(mp3 format)


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