The ABC Staff Announcers' Reunion


WABC, because it was the flagship radio station for the ABC radio network, regularly used the services of the ABC Staff Announcers. These were the voices heard over the ABC Radio and Television networks for years. This group consisted of the great radio announcers. They all had dynamite voices with perfect diction. Whereas disk jockeys are usually hired for personality first and voice second, these individuals were hired for their amazing voices and announcing skills. You have probably heard many of them but never knew who they were.

In the 1960's, many were heard on WABC anchoring "Action Central News" as many of these clips demonstrate. Some, such as Don Gardiner, were well known as anchors for the ABC network radio newscasts. Others were heard on WABC-FM when it first went on the air as a separate station from WABC-AM.

There are various clips of interest here in addition to the announcers themselves. One is Don Gardiner's live coverage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on the ABC radio network. Another interesting series of clips is from WABC-FM. ABC featured the staff announcers hosting shows on the (at that time) small New York FM station. There are also 3 "intruders" on the montage; Dan Ingram doing his legendary "charge" shout, Bob Dayton on Thanksgiving 1964 and the then vice president of ABC Radio News Tom O'Brien with a 1964 holiday greeting.

This montage was contributed by Bob Gibson who was an anchor for the ABC Information Radio Network. Bob originally called it the "ABC Staff Announcer's Reunion" and distributed it over the Christmas holidays to many of the people heard on this collection (which is why it begins with a WABC Christmas jingle). Not only did Bob supply the montage but he also sent a list of who appears on it in the exact order they appear. As you listen, you can follow the list and know who is who. Bob also gives descriptions of many of the brief clips so you don't get lost as it moves along.

A special thanks to Bob Gibson for this unique contribution!


1. WABC Merry Xmas Jingle!
2. Don Gardiner (WABC Newscope opener)
3. Don Gardiner (net news @ 55 opener)
4. Don Gardiner (extract from LIVE coverage of JFK assassination)
5. Les Griffith (local lead-in to net news)
6. Les Griffith (net news opener)
7. Bill Brophy (network news ID)
8. Bill Brophy (local news)
9. Charles Woods (local lead-in to net news)
10. Charles Woods (network news opener)
11. John Causier (local lead-in to net news)
12. John Causier (WABC-FM promo)
13. George Ansbro (local lead-in to net news)
14. George Ansbro (closing of public affairs broadcast)
15. Wally Parker (opener of network news year-in-review)
16. Bill Owen (opening of network sports broadcast)
17. Bill Owen (WABC-FM)
18. Bill Owen (WABC-AM News)
19. Ingram jingle
20. Dick Mason (local lead-in to net news)
21. Dick Mason (WABC-FM commercial)
22. Don Dowd (local ID)
23. John Causier (opener for This World This Year 1962)
24. Fred Foy (excerpt of the year in review, '62)
25. Bill Rice (WABC-FM ID)
26. Bill Rice (network radio spot for Phillips Tablets)
27. Joel Crager (WABC-FM News)
28. Bob Leonard (local lead-in to net news)
29. Milton Cross (network radio spot for Canada Dry)
30. Allan Jefferys (WABC-FM ID)
31. Allan Jefferys (WABC-AM News on 12/31/62)
32. Allan Jefferys (Broadway Review on WABC-AM)
33. Scott Vincent (WABC News)
34. Gilbert Hodges (local lead-in to net news)
35. Ed Jordan (local lead-in to net news)
36. Ed Jordan (closing for the network music show " The World of the Modern Sound!")
37. Gilbert Hodges (WABC News)
38. George Hayes (local radio ID)
39. Dirk Fredericks (local radio ID)
40. Bob Dayton (opener for Thanksgiving '64)
41. Bob Emmerich (local news opener)
42. Tom O'Brien (A holiday PSA by the then-Vice President of ABC Radio News)
43. Dirk Fredericks (network system cue)


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