WABC Jingles: The Early Years


Yes, WABC did have jingles before it was a Top 40 Music station! In the mid to late fifties WABC used jingles from Ginger Johnson and Eric Siday from a package of ABC Network themes and jingles. These included the famous news sounder that many people will remember from that era.

News Sounder (114K)
The Music's Free (77K)
WABC: The American Network (99K)
This is the American Broadcasting Network


During its first two years as a Top 40 music station, WABC had a number of jingle packages produced by several companies.

When WABC first became a Top 40 radio station, they used jingles created and produced by Johnny Mann for the Richard H. Ullman Company. WABC paid for these jingles with a "trade out" for commercial time on the station. This package was known as the "Wonderful WABC" Custom. It was recorded in Los Angeles as a custom package for WABC. These were the jingles used by WABC when it went to a "harder" Top 40 format in late 1960. This same package was later widely marketed by PFO/ULLMAN with Dallas vocals

The Richard H. Ullman Company was the sales organization for Johnny Mann and worked out this arrangement with WABC to get their commercials on the air. It is sometimes confusing as to where these jingles came from because they are referred to by either name.

Exciting Music (144K)
Weather (108K)
Fun and Excitement (189K)
Action Central (128K)


Roy Ross Productions also produced jingles for WABC in 1960. Recorded in New York, these were the "Channel 77" jingles that many WABC fans will remember from late 1960, 1961 and into 1962.

Jingle fans may know Roy Ross Productions by its later name of "Dolphin Ross".

More News More Often (290K)
Channel 77 (30K)
Instrumental (241K)


Some other early WABC jingles were produced by CRC, which stands for Commercial Recording Corporation. CRC produced 2 jingle packages for WABC which were Mitch Miller sing along style cuts. These were Series #15 and #18.

That Beautiful Sound (297K) (From Series 15)
This Is The Station (126K) (From Series 18)
When the Hits (262K) (From Series 18)

All I can say is that its a good thing PAMS came along! On the WABC/PAMS page, Bill Meeks talks about a meeting where Bruce Morrow, upon hearing some new PAMS cuts, jumped up and exclaimed they were the best jingles he ever heard. No wonder!


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