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An Exclusive Musicradio WABC Web Site Special!

As regular visitors to this web site know, Jon Wolfert is one of our biggest supporters. 
Jon is a WABC fan going back to the sixties and has amassed a large collection of WABC information and memorabilia.

Jon feels that some of the items in his collection are far more interesting when you know the background stories behind them. Rather than writing lengthy text explanations, it's easier, more fun (and more radio-like) to just narrate the material as it's played.

With that in mind, here is a "Jingle Special: Rick Sklar Behind The Scenes":



Here is a VERY rare WABC-FM aircheck from 1968 featuring Chuck Leonard. This is from "The Most Music WABC-FM" era!  (Courtesy Jon Wolfert)



"Superadio" was Rick Sklar's idea for a satellite based Top 40 music format that was supposed to debut on radio stations across the U.S. in July of 1982. Among others, Dan Ingram, Ron Lundy and Bob Dayton were supposed to be personalities for it. Thanks to Jon Wolfert we a have a copy of a demo tape that was recorded by Rick and Dan that was sent to prospective radio stations that were considering using the service. It never did debut due to lack of subscriber stations but it was an idea before its time. Many radio stations today use these kind of satellite formats. (courtesy Jon Wolfert)


Dan Ingram doing mornings on KBOX!

Here is a terrific aircheck of Dan Ingram in his early days at KBOX in Dallas, Texas on February 27, 1960. You can hear Dan evolving into that style that we all came to know so well in later years. Listen especially to the newscast and all the sounders they were using! (courtesy Henry Cotterill).


1981 WABC TV Commercials

These are the audio tracks from two 1981 WABC television commercials. They feature the voice of Dan Ingram. By this time, WABC was becoming more of an adult contemporary radio station and the tone of these commercials clearly demostrate that. (courtesy Jon Wolfert)


Dan Ingram's "Top 40 Satellite Survey"

In 1984/85 Dan Ingram did a nationally syndicated countdown show know as "The Top 40 Satellite Survey". Counting "up" to number one, it was carried on many radio stations around the country including WKTU in New York. We have an aircheck of it from December, 1984.


The Palisades Amusement Park Jingle

Any WABC listener from the sixties will remember this..... The Palisades Amusement Park "Come On Over" jingle.  (32 secs.)


Cousin Brucie's theme recorded by the Four Seasons

Cousin Brucie actually had this theme recorded by the Four Seasons! This is the whole theme without Bruce talking over it.  (90 secs.)


Harry Harrison on WCBS-FM on December 5, 1997

Here's what Harry sounded like on WCBS-FM. This aircheck is from December 5, 1997. His show includes Shadow Traffic reports, Phil Pepe with sports and Irv Gikofsky (Mr. G) with the weather. The show is even more hectic than it used to be and, as usual, Harry manages it all. His on air "banter" with Mr. G. is great stuff and Harry is very quick. Also included on this aircheck is Harry's famous "May You Always" recording that he plays every year over the Holidays. Harry has now been on the air in New York for 38 years and has been doing Morning Drive for 29 years. He is the longest runing morning air personality in New York City. (20 mins.)


Cousin Bruce Morrow on WCBS-FM on November 8, 1997

Cousin Brucie still sounds great on New York radio. Saturday night was always Bruce's best night. His WABC ratings were sometimes over 25 percent on Saturday nights. That meant that 1 out of every 4 radios turned on were tuned to him. For radio that's an incredible number. Nothing today in New York even comes close.

When Bruce first returned to the New York City airwaves on WCBS-FM it was, appropriately, on Saturday nights.

Part 1: The "Go Go" Fours Seasons theme starts the show, followed by phone calls and dedications. It's a "Motown Weekend" at CBS-FM so lots of great music. Toward the end of this Part 1 is a telephone dedication by a young student for another student who was apparently killed in a traffic accident. Very few radio people would attempt a dedication like this for fear it would ruin the rhythm of the show. Not Bruce. He can still talk to kids and relate to them like no other radio personality. As always he pulls it off with class and sincerity.

Mp3 (Part 1)


Part 2: Havin' a ball with Cousin Brucie... The old "Cousin Brucie Cousin Brucie" shout that he had on WABC is here. Bruce also teases about the "Love Studio" on the 117th floor, and also talks about his time teaching at NYU.

Mp3 (Part 2)


Part 3: "Good evening lovers... Broadcasting high from the 117 Floor of the WCBS Building it's the Cousin Brucie "Love Hour, Half Hour, Hour, Half Hour". The "Theme From a Summer Place" flows under Bruce as plays the music under "267 flickering dancing candles from the Magnificent Crystal Chandelier".

Mp3 (Part 3)


Dan Ingram on WCBS-FM on November 2, 1997

Part 1: Dan opens his show by kidding about Cousin Bruce Morrow and then the usual "Hello Kemosabe". He wastes no time starting with the one liners, makes a quick reference to former WABC chief engineer Winston Lloyd, runs a contest, does a great bit about Creedence "Clearwater" Revival, kids about voice over artist Don LaFontaine (who he knows), and does his "honor group of the day" and his "word for the day".

Mp3 (Part 1)


Part 2: Dan does a great opening for "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" and listen to how he flawlessly announces the names of the winners of the New York City Marathon. You can see why he has been such a successful voice over artist for so many years. He does a special dedication for his wife Maureen Donnelly, and can't resist doing something with "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" just as he never could when playing it on WABC.

Mp3 (Part 2)


Part 3: Dan kids about Olivia Newton John to the groans of his engineer, runs another contest, does a bit both he and Ron Lundy always did over the intro to "More Today Than Yesterday" (Bounce Bounce Bounce), and kids about playing the long version of The Doors "Light My Fire" because that NEVER happened on WABC. Charlton Heston becomes fodder for Dan over "The Ten Commandments of Love". And, of course, Dan closes out his show with his usual closing music (Tri Fi Drums) and a "Bye Now Kemosabe".

Mp3 (Part 3)


Dan Ingram Thanks Us for the Birthday Letters!

Dan Ingram's 63rd birthday was on September 7, 1997. The Musicradio WABC website organized a "birthday letters" section for him where we collected sent over 100 letters which were forwarded to him at WCBS-FM.

Dan DID appreciate all those letters!! At the end of his WCBS-FM show on that day, he thanked us for the all the birthday wishes. He obviously read them all because the one he singled out from "Glenn Miller" was right in the middle of the stack.

Here's the aircheck:



Dan Ingram Marks the 15 Anniversary of WABC's switch to Talkradio

On Saturday May 10, 1997 Dan Ingram marked the fifteen year anniversary of the end of music on 77 WABC. This aired at 2:56PM over WCBS-FM in New York City. As usual, Dan needs no introduction but there are a couple of things worth noting on this aircheck.

The music under Dan is Billy May's "Tri Fi Drums" which he has been using as his closing theme for over 25 years. I have personally heard him close his show with it hundreds of times. It is always the last thing he plays as he closes.

This is the first time I have ever heard him play a record after the closing theme ended. What record did he play? I leave it to Dan to tell you.

Also note the pause or "dead air" after the song ends. Dan has always had perfect timing. Letting the song fade and then allowing a second of dead air go by before starting the WCBS-FM top of the hour ID jingle said it all.



Dan Ingram's Closing Music

David Keller wrote:

"Dan Ingram's closing music was edited from a cut called Tri-Fi Drums,which was on the album "Hi-Fi Drums" (Capitol records T926). The piece was written by Bill Hollman, and was performed by Billy May's band, featuring drummers Stan Levey, Alvin Stoller and Irv Cotter.


Herb Oscar Anderson's "Hello Again" Theme

Herb Oscar Anderson recorded "Hello Again" and it was played every morning on WABC. In fact, it was used when Herb was late getting into the studio at 6:00 AM. Listeners were then able to hear the full length version while Herb scrambled to get into the studio!


Bob Hardt

Here are a few airchecks of Bob reacting to Dan and the news:

Mp3 (Clip 1)


Mp3 (Clip 2)


Mp3 (Clip 3)



And a few other things of interest......

Here's an aircheck from September 7, 1971 where Bob Hardt and Ron Lundy (who was doing his "Willard the Duck" bit) wished Dan a "happy 37th birthday" at the beginning of his show on WABC that day. Thanks to Bill Epperhart for this "off the board" aircheck! (1.5 mins.)



Would you like to hear Dan Ingram doing some really intense Top 40 radio? Here he is from WIL in St. Louis before he arrived at WABC. Also Ron Lundy, who was also at WIL, is heard briefly at the end of this clip as the "WIL Wile Child": (2 mins.)



Dan Ingram frequently lead into "Action Central News" with this intro:



Dan Ingram's "Radio Man" bit...



Dan Ingram's very poignant story of the girl who decided not to commit suicide after listening to him.




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