WABC Rewound 1999!
May 31, 1999
Producer: Johnny Donovan
Assistant Producer: Peter Kanze
Engineering: Frank D'Elia

What a GREAT time!


This was the schedule:


6AM: Johnny Donovan and the $25,000 Button - HOA Voices of Vista - Cousin Brucie's last show 1974 - Production

7AM: Jim Nettleton 1969 - 1964 Contests and Promos

8AM: Promos - Contests - Music - Bits

9AM: Tour of 8th Floor of 1330 - Strikebound WABC - Roby Yonge Debut

10AM: Dan Ingram June 12, 1964 plus April Fools Day on Dan

11AM: 1961- 62 Production plus music

12 Noon: Half Hour Jingle Montage from Jonathan Wolfert leading up to Baseball


5PM: Meet The Beatles

6PM: John Lennon Death - Chuck Leonard 1977

7PM: Dan Ingram Fall of '61 - Ingram July '61 - Breakfast Club Sampler

8PM: Howard Hoffman New Year's Eve 1979 - Stugis Griffen - Peter Bush last music show

9PM: Commercials and music of the day - Final moments of Musicradio WABC

10PM: 1st Brucie Sat. Night Party - HOA 1968 - Dan Hightlights

10:30: Start of Talk Show.



l to r: Jon Wolfert, Peter Kanze, Curtis Sliwa, Allan Sniffen
Note the computer over Allan's left shoulder...
It was set on the Musicradio 77 WABC Web Site Rewound Board!


Jonathan Wolfert, Allan Sniffen, Peter Kanze
In the WABC Control Room


Pete on the phone, Allan standing, WABC engineer running the board


Guess who at "the mic"!



Part 1

Curtis Sliwa introduces Allan, Peter and Jon, Allan talks about his
inspiration for the Web Site, Peter talks about being involved
with "WABC Rewound" and Jon describes how WABC influenced
his love for jingles and his career at PAMS and JAM.

Part 1 (Mp3)


Part 2

Allan talks about the June 1964 aircheck that Johnny Donovan put the
music back into, Jon makes a great point about the thousands
of people "touched" by Musicradio WABC. The story of how you
could listen to WABC as you walked down the beach is repeated
and Jon comments on how WABC was a mass appeal radio station.
Allan discusses the "donut" theory of WABC vs. WMCA's ratings and
Curtis talks how there were actually fights at the beach over
which radio station was better!

Part 2 (Mp3)


Part 3

The 1977 and 1965 New York City Power Blackouts are discussed
and Peter comments on how they may be used on the next "Rewound".
Web Site regular "Terry from Action Central" gets through to remind
us that WABC had the "Good Guys" moniker before WMCA. Some
of the very early days of WABC are recalled and WINS is mentioned
from its days as a Top 40 radio station. WOR-FM and WWRL
are also mentioned.

Part 3 (Mp3)


Part 4

A rundown of many of the WABC DJ's starts off this segment and
the firing of Roby Yonge is discussed. Jon discusses the
PAMS Web Site and answers a trivia question about the
PAMS Series 27 Jingles.

Part 4 (Mp3)


Part 5

A brief "where are they now" of the WABC DJ's and program
directors is discussed. A Herb Oscar Anderson fan calls in and
Curtis comments on how he regularly runs into WABC fans
from all over the county. Jon describes his experiences
"hanging out" at WABC as a kid and how the WABC studio
was like being in the "eye of the hurricane".

Part 5 (Mp3)


Part 6

Scott Muni's departure from WABC is discussed and the song that
caused it is named. Allan's radio past comes back to "haunt" him, some
of the WABC contests are discussed and the group has a good
time with Curtis' use of the work "geek". Jon talks about
creating jingles for different radio stations and how different
stations sometimes use the same jingles. Pete talks about
the difficulty finding airchecks for some of the WABC air personalities.

Part 6 (Mp3)




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