WABC Rewound 2000!
May 29, 2000
Producer: Johnny Donovan
Assistant Producer: Peter Kanze
Engineering: Frank D'Elia

What a GREAT time!

If you had a chance to hear it over the air or over the Internet
you know how much fun we had.

This was the schedule:


6AM:   Charlie Greer from January, 1967. 

7AM:   Johnny Donovan from 1974 and Dan Ingram from 1972

8AM:   Ron Lundy from 1975

9AM:   Bob "Bob-a-Loo" Lewis from 1964 (part 1)

10AM: Bob "Bob-a-Loo" Lewis from 1964 (part 2)

11AM: Bob Lewis (1964), Dan Ingram, Jeff Berman during AFTRA Strike

12PM: Jingle Montage (new for this year) courtesy JAM president Jonathan Wolfert


***If you want to hear the Jingle Montage, click here (courtesy of the PAMS web site!)***


5PM:   Jack Carney 1961 Freedomland Remote, 1965 Blackout, 1978 station demo

6PM:   Bruce Morrow 11/29/67 (recorded from WABC for the Vietnam troops)

7PM:   George Michael 1976, promos and music

8PM:   Roby Yonge 10/21/69: The "Paul is Dead" show that got him fired

9PM:   Promos and forgotten hits

10PM: Dan Ingram 6/12/64, 1972 station demo

11PM: WABC Rewound Talk on the Steve Malzberg Show featuring Allan Sniffen, Jonathan Wolfert, Peter Kanze, George Denos and you calls!


Pictures from the WABC Studios From That Day!
THANKS to Spencer Morasch for the pictures!

rewound00-1.jpg (20039 bytes)
The Actual Rewound Tapes!


rewound00-2.jpg (28206 bytes)
The WABC Control Board during Rewound with engineer Mike Caragliano!


rewound00-3.jpg (28168 bytes)
The WABC Air Studio looking from the Engineer's Side


rewound00-4.jpg (27940 bytes)
The Air Studio looking back to the Engineer


rewound00-5.jpg (27400 bytes)
The Rewound Talk Show
Jon Wolfert's back, Allan Sniffen, Steve Malzberg, Peter Kanze, George Denos


rewound00-6.jpg (24329 bytes)
Allan Sniffen on air with the "Rewound Message Board" on screen


rewound00-7.jpg (25342 bytes)
Jonathan Wolfert on the air


rewound00-8.jpg (22802 bytes)
Peter Kanze on the air, George Dennos in the background


rewound00-9.jpg (25527 bytes)
Steve Malzberg on the air


rewound00-10.jpg (25672 bytes)
Allan Sniffen, Steve Malzberg, Peter Kanze


rewound00-11.jpg (29327 bytes)
Jon Wolfert, George Dennos, Tracy Carmen, Peter Kanze, Allan Sniffen, Spencer Morasch



WABC Rewound Talk Show

May 29, 2000

The program was hosted by Steve Malzberg and featured
Allan Sniffen, Jonathan Wolfert, Peter Kanze and George Dennos
talking about Musicradio WABC!


Part 1


An interview with Herb Oscar Anderson, a discussion of the
WABC Good Guys and how HOA was able make WABC a
radio station for the adults as well as their kids.


Part 2


Various callers with questions about Bob Dayton, the concept
of WABC as a mass appeal radio station, HOA and Harry Harrison
as "Morning Mayors"


Part 3


Jon Wolfert talks about how his interest in radio and jingles
lead to a career, how the jingles worked at WABC, and how
WABC's programming affected stations around the world!  Allan
also comments as to why this web site doesn't post
WABC Rewound in its entirety.


Part 4


What happened to Roby Yonge, George Michael, Jay Reynolds,
Frank Kingston Smith, songs that were banned from WABC,
the AFTRA strike of 1967, stations that copied WABC


Part 5


Why the Musicradio years are the focus of WABC Rewound,
why the format changed to talkradio, and where radio
might be headed in the future


Part 6


Various memories from callers, some comments about
ABC radio network news, WABC promotions, WINS,
how the "All Americans" became a slogan for WABC,
and why we all get excited over this!


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