WABC Rewound 2002!
May 27, 2002
Producer: Johnny Donovan
Assistant Producer: Peter Kanze
Engineering: Frank D'Elia

The Schedule

6 AM -   Dan Ingram 1969

7 AM -   George Michael, June 1979

8 AM -   Martin Block/Dan Ingram, 1962

9 AM -   Herb Oscar Anderson/Harry Harrison

10 AM - W A "Beatle" C, 1964

11 AM - Dan Ingram "Emergency Transmitter Tape"

NOON - First WABC Talkradio Show (1982)/Contests/Promos

1 PM -   Cousin Brucie/Alan Freed/Bob Dayton   

2 PM -   Dan Ingram, 1963

3 PM -   Charlie Greer, 1965

4 PM -   Dan Ingram, January, 1968

5 PM -   Cousin Brucie, 1968

6 PM -   Dan Ingram, 1969

7PM -    George Michael, June 1979

8PM -    Post Rewound Talk Show



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The "Post Rewound" Talk Show

May 27, 2002
WABC PD Phil Boyce
Former WABC PD Jay Clark
Musicradio WABC Web Master Allan Sniffen

Part 1
WABC PD Phil Boyce introduces the program and gives a great

explanation of how Musicradio WABC is still
important to the talk station that he programs today.
Former WABC PD Jay Clark discusses the 1982 format change,
his reservations about it,and how it felt to be in charge
of such a major event.
Dan Ingram calls in, talks about his early days
at the station, how he got the job at WABC and how it feels
to have had such huge influence on so many people.


Part 2

George Michael calls in and gives a terrific interview.
He speaks about how he got the job, tells a wonderful
story of how he was a stickler for detail and why that kind
of perfection was part of what made WABC great.
George also agreed to do one of his famous "CHICAGOOO" intros.
Jay discusses more about the 1982 format change and Phil
provides some insight into how he felt being on the air
at WABC on September 11, 2001.
His comments about the emotion of that day are chilling
especially when he describes his deep anxiety
over the possibility he might have sent his personal friend
WABC Newsman George Weber into harm's way.




WABC Rewound 2002: Pictures

The Former WABC PD and The Current One!

clark-boyce5-27-02.jpg (33514 bytes)
Jay Clark and Phil Boyce in the WABC Studio

Former WABC PD Jay Clark

clark5-27-02.jpg (23858 bytes)
Jay Clark

Current WABC PD Phil Boyce

boyce5-27-02.jpg (32389 bytes)
Phil Boyce

The Talk Show People

clarksniffenboyce5-27-02.jpg (34914 bytes)
Jay Clark, Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce

On the Air!

sniffenboyceclark-3-5-27-02.jpg (38940 bytes)
Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce, Jay Clark

On the Air II

sniffenboyceclark-2-5-27-02.jpg (35627 bytes)
Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce, Jay Clark

Phil Boyce on Mic

boyceclark5-27-02.jpg (38599 bytes)
Phil Boyce, Jay Clakr

One More...

sniffenboyceclark5-27-02.jpg (41534 bytes)
Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce, Jay Clark


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