WABC Rewound 2003!
May 27, 2003
Producer: Johnny Donovan
Assistant Producer: Peter Kanze

Aircheck Restoration: Rob Frankel
Engineering: Frank D'Elia

The Schedule

6AM -   Harry Harrison, 1972/73

7AM -   Ron Lundy, Top 100 of the Year 1975

8AM -   Cousin Brucie New Years Eve 1967/68 (Part 1)

9AM -   Chuck Dunaway, 1961

10AM - Dan Ingram, 1978 (No Reverb)

11AM - Bob Lewis, 1967/68 New Years Eve

Noon -  Howard Hoffman, 12/20/79

1PM -  WABC 1973 Demo, Dan Ingram, 1970

2PM -  Chuck Leonard, 1968

3PM -  Dan Ingram, 12/7/72

4PM -  Cousin Bruce New Years Even 1967/68 (Part 2)

5PM -  Dan Ingram, 1970

6PM -  Post Rewound Talk Show



The "Post Rewound" Talk Show

May 26, 2003
WABC PD Phil Boyce
WABC Rewound Producer Johnny Donovan
Musicradio WABC Web Master Allan Sniffen


WABC Program Director Phil Boyce hosts the program
that features former WABC DJ and current WABC production director
Johnny Donovan!

Johnny describes first starting at WABC in 1972 and how
one show on the air at WABC resulted in more recognition
than all of his previous time at WOR-FM!

Johnny also describes "Rewound" and the work that goes into it.
Some luck WABC Rewound fans also had a chance to call in!




WABC Rewound 2003: Pictures

sniffenboyce5-27-03-1.jpg (19877 bytes)
Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce

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Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce

sniffenboyce5-27-03-4.jpg (25140 bytes)
Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce

sniffenboyce5-27-03-3.jpg (24284 bytes)
Allan Sniffen, Phil Boyce

boyce5-27-03.jpg (17642 bytes)
Phil Boyce

kasskanze5-27003.jpg (13489 bytes)
Paul Kass, Peter Kanze


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