WABC Rewound 2004!
May 31, 2004
Producer: Johnny Donovan
Assistant Producer: Peter Kanze

Aircheck Restoration: Rob Frankel
Engineering: Frank D'Elia

The Schedule

6AM -   Les Marshack 2/7/70

7AM -   Bob Cruz  8/31/78

8AM -   Charlie Greer Into Dan Ingram For HOA 8/5/67

9AM -    Johnny Donovan 7/24/77

10AM -  Cousin Brucie/Charlie Greer

11AM -  Harry Harrison, 12/20/74

Noon -   Dan Ingram For HOA (Part 2) 8/5/67

1PM -    Ron Lundy 9/10/75

2PM -    Dan Ingram

3PM -    Bob Lewis 1/1/68 / Dan Ingram Returns to Mornings in 1981

4PM -    Howard Hoffman, Jan 1980

5PM -    Dan Ingram

6PM -    Post Rewound Talk Show



The "Post Rewound" Talk Show

May 31, 2004
WABC PD Phil Boyce
WABC Musicradio legend Dan Ingram
Musicradio WABC Web Master Allan Sniffen

PAMS/JAM President Jonathan Wolfert


WABC Program Director Phil Boyce hosts the program
that features Dan Ingram!

Dan discussed his time at WABC and told
some very funny stories.

As is true with anything to do with Dan,
you've just got to hear it!



WABC Rewound 2003: Pictures

This year we have so many pictures of Dan Ingram
in the WABC studios that we set up a series of links:

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Rewound Pictures Page 5
Rewound Pictures Page 6
Rewound Pictures Page 7


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