WABC Musicradio Sound Files

Because of the tremendous number of audio files available on this web site, the sound files section is divided into sections 

Musicradio WABC Airchecks

These are recordings made of WABC as a Top 40 radio station. They are "telescoped", that is, the music and commercials have been edited out so you hear the disc jockey, the jingles, the promos and other items that were unique to WABC. The airchecks are arranged by year so it is possible to hear the evolution of WABC.

Famous WABC Stories

This section contains stories about things that happened either on the air or to the people who worked at WABC. These are told by the people who worked there including the disc jockeys and program director Rick Sklar.

Musicradio WABC Interviews

These are interviews given by those "who were there".

Musicradio WABC Promos

These are examples of some of the promos WABC ran over the years. Some are for contests, some are for the music and some are general promos.

The Strikebound Sound of WABC

From March 29 to April 10, 1967 there was a strike called by AFTRA (the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). All union talent, including the WABC airstaff, was taken off the air and replaced by management personnel. We have a series of airchecks thanks to Jon Wolfert!

WABC Bloopers and Parodies

Some of these are bloopers of things that happened on the air, others are jokes that were recorded at WABC which were never intended to be broadcast. Included here are the airchecks from the firing of WABC DJ's Bob Dayton and Roby Yonge.

The WABC Musicradio Music Remembrance

In its final hour as a music radio station, WABC played a special medley of short clips of many of the hits played on the station over its many years as a Top 40 radio station.

Miscellaneous WABC Sound Files

These are various files which do not fit into the above categories but are still very interesting. Included in this section are Dan Ingram's story of how he prevented a young girl from committing suicide, Dan's on air salute to the 15 year anniversary of WABC's switch to talk and my radio interview with "Spectrum".

The ABC Staff Announcers Reunion

The ABC Radio Announcers were the voices we all heard but never knew. They anchored "Action Central News" and were also heard on the ABC Network for newscasts, network promos and some hosted sustaining music programs over the network. Thanks to Bob Gibson of WCBS Newsradio 88 in New York, we have a montage that features many of these voices. Bob also provides an index to each of the 43 clips heard on the montage. It's a must hear for any fan from the sixties era of WABC and the ABC Radio Network.


Other sound files appear elsewhere on this website under The Beatles section, The Bill Epperhart section, The Rick Sklar section and The Day the Music Died.


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