WABC Profiles and Tributes by Scott Benjamin

Scott Benjamin has been a major contributor to the Musicradio77.com web site.
Over the years he has interviewed many of those who worked at Musicradio WABC
and has written these profiles and tributes.

Here is the index of his contributions presented in reverse chronological order
based on when they were first published on the web site:


Mike Riccio And The Top  77 of 2022
2022 version!

Mike Riccio And The Top  77 of 2021
2021 version!

Les Marshak: From WABC to NBC!
More from the legendary voice-over artist!

Mike Riccio And The Top  77 of 2020
2020 version!

George Ansbro
WABC Staff Announcer...

Mike Riccio and the 22nd Edition of the Top 77
2019 version! 

Mike Riccio and the 21st Edition of the Top 77
2018 version!

Patti Harrison Profile 
Harry Harrison's Daughter!

Mike Riccio and the 20th Anniversary of the Top 77
Two decades of taking your votes!

Harry Harrison on Ron Lundy!
Harry talks about his fellow WABC/WCBS-FM DJ!

Harry Harrison and Steve Galinsky
A listener becomes a good friend!

Ron Pell Profile
 (Drummer from "Alive N' Kickin')

Mike Riccio Surveys The Top 77 of 2016
Nineteen years of the Top 77... and counting!

Tommy Edwards Profile
Tommy is a Chicago radio icon but he was almost hired at WABC!

Mike Riccio Discusses the 2015 Top 77
Mike and Scott talk about the 2015 Survey

Liz Kiley Profile
Who was WABC's only woman DJ?

Chuck Leonard Profile
A profile of Chuck based on Scott's interview with him from November, 2002 (audio available below).

Bob Radil Interview
Bob Radil hosts the weekly Friday night live '60's and '70's Show on Rewound Radio.

John Troll Profile
A Profile of the producer of the very popular Rewound Radio "DJ Hall of Fame"!

Mike Riccio Discusses the 2014 Top 77
Mike and Scott talk about the 2014 Survey

Chris Ingram Interviewed by Scott Benjamin
Scott finds out about Chris's new book "Hey Kemosable!  The Days (and Nights) of a Radio Idyll

Les Marshak: 45 Years After The "Paul Is Dead" Hoax
Les remembers the night Roby Yonge spread those infamous rumors over WABC!

Mike Riccio Discusses The 2013 Top 77
Mike and Scott talk about the 2013 Survey

Mike Riccio Discusses The 2012 Top 77
Mike and Scott talk about the 2012 Survey

Mike Riccio Discusses The Top 77
Mike and Scott talk about the Yearly Top 77 Survey

Mike Riccio Profile by Scott Benjamin
Musicradio77.com's main "Survey Guy" profiled!

George Musgrave Profile
A profile of the former WABC Board Engineer

WOR-FM Walt Baby Love Profile
Legendary WOR-FM/WXLO/99X/WNBC DJ Walt Baby Love Profiled

Marc Sommers Update
The former WABC DJ talks about his new book, The Bomber Boys!

Sam DeLuca On The NY Mets
Sam comments on the Mets on WABC-FM and the 40th Anniversary of their 1969 Worlds Series Championship 

Diana Leonard Remembers Her Dad
Chuck's daughter Diana remembers her famous dad!

Musicradio77 Web Site Profile.html
A profile of... this web site!

Marty Ross Profile
A profile of WABC's General Sales Manager from 1971-1974

Joe McCoy On Former WABC Personalities at WCBS-FM
The legendary WCBS-FM program director on working with former WABC DJ's

Merle Harmon On Superbowl III
The famous 1969 game remembered

Mike McKay on Mike Joseph
Former WABC DJ Mike McKay remembers WABC programming pioneer Mike Joseph

Bob Gibson On The ABC Staff Announcers
Bob Gibson comments on the famous ABC announcers

Pat St. John Profile
A profile of one of New York Radio's great radio talents

Larry Wynn
Scott Interviews Dan Aron about the well known WABC salesman

Lon von Hurwitz Profile
The former Musicradio WABC Promotions Director

Joel Salkowitz Profile
Some insight into "Superadio"

Cousin Brucie Remembers Bob Lewis
Bruce Morrow remembers Bob Lewis

Sam DeLuca Profile
The NFL Great and Jets broadcaster

Rob Frankel Profile
The talented Rewound tape restorian

Peter Kanze On Rewound 2008
Peter Kanze talks about the 2008 edition.

Bob Cruz Tribute by Scott Benjamin
Scott assembled a tribute to the WABC overnight DJ from the seventies

Frank Kingston Smith Update
The former WABC DJ and his second career announcing airshows

Bill Larson Profile
The American Contemporary News anchor from 1970-1980.

Don Gardiner Tribute
Don Gardiner was one of the historic news voices on Musicradio WABC.

Merle Harmon Profile
Merle Harmon was the voice of the Jets on WABC from 1964 until 1970.

Bob Hardt Anniversary
Bob Hardt was Dan Ingram's afternoon news voice for many years.  Scott caught up with him on the 40th anniversary of his hiring at WABC.

Ted David Profile
Ted David got that chance we all dreamed about... He got on the air at Musicradio 77 as a kid with no radio experience!

Les Marshak on Scott Muni
Voice-over great Les Marshak talks about working with radio legend Scott Muni at WABC.

Cousin Brucie's Doo Wop Book
Cousin Brucie talks about his latest book.

Roby on Roby
Roby Sherman, god son of WABC DJ Roby Yonge talks about his namesake's radio days.

Rick Sklar Tribute
A tribute to the Musicradio WABC program director from several of those who knew him well.

Ruth Meyer Profile
Ruth Meyer was program director of WABC's chief competitor WMCA.

Jerry Zeller Profile
WABC engineer Jerry Zeller talks about some of his fun days at WABC and those he worked with.

Bill Mozer Profile
The former WABC engineer on everything from WABC to college radio.

Gus Engleman Profile
A news voice all Musicradio WABC listeners remember.

Frank D'Elia Profile
The WABC Engineer talks about his many years at WABC both as a talk and music station.

Peter Kanze Profile
"WABC Rewound" co-producer Peter Kanze talks about WABC's annual tribute to its Musicradio past.

Richard Silverberg Profile
The former WABC Engineer talks about running the board at WABC in the mid sixties.

Marc Sommers Profile
WABC DJ Mark Sommers on WABC and his radio career before and after.

Marty Grove on the 1967 AFTRA Stike
Marty Grove talks about the infamous 1967 AFTRA strike and how he got on the air at WABC.

John Rook on the 1967 AFTRA Strike
John talks about being at WABC during the strike.

Jay Reynolds Tribute
A tribute to WABC's overnight DJ of the early seventies.

Steve O'Brien Profile
WABC DJ Steve O'Brien on WABC and his radio career.

Carl Caruso Profile
One of the great ABC staff announcers whose voice was frequently featured on WABC news and promos.

Rick Sklar Remembered
Holly and Scott Sklar remember their dad and his dedication to WABC.

Cousin Brucie at Sirius Satellite Radio
Scott sits in the studio with Bruce Morrow during his Sirius satellite radio show.

Paul Ehrlich Profile
The long time WABC news director on his years with the station.

Barry Downes Profile
The former WABC studio director talks about WABC in the early sixties.

Lyle Dean Profile
The former ABC Contemporary  Network news anchor on his career.

Linda Meilan Profile
Linda was one of the important behind the scenes persons at WABC.

Bob Kimmel Profile
Bob was a news writer and editor at WABC in the mid sixties.

Les Marshak on Voice Over Success
Les shares some of the secrets of becoming a successful voice over artist.

Milton Cross Profile
The Metropolitan Opera radio host remembered.

Charlie Greer Tribute
Memories of the famous overnight DJ from those who knew him.

Kathleen Maloney Profile
The former WABC news anchor on her broadcasting career.

Allan Jefferys Profile
The former ABC staff announcer talks about his varied media career.

Fred Foy Profile
ABC Staff Announcer Fred Foy (the voice of the "Lone Ranger" radio series).

Saul Rochman Profile
The former WABC engineer on working with Cousin Brucie.

Mike McKay Profile
WABC DJ Mike McKay talks about his broadcasting career.

Joel Crager Profile
The former ABC staff announcer on his career at ABC.

Dan Aron Profile
Dan was an account executive at WABC during its heyday of financial success.

Bill Owen Profile
Voice over great Bill Owen was also a DJ on WABC!

Richard Factor Profile
The former WABC engineer talks about working with Dan Ingram and other WABC DJ's.

Peter Bush Profile
WABC DJ Peter Bush on working at the radio station he grew up admiring.

Les Marshak Profile
Voice over legend Les Marshak talks about working as a DJ at WABC.

Chuck Leonard Tribute
A tribute to Chuck on the 40th anniversary of his first WABC show.

Herb Oscar Anderson Profile
Musicradio WABC's first morning personality talks about his days in New York radio.

Cousin Brucie Joins Sirius
Bruce talks about his hiring at Sirius Satellite Radio.

Julian Breen Profile
An interview with the former WABC assistant program and production director.

John Meagher Profile
John was Harry Harrison's morning news anchor and remembers his days at WABC.

Cousin Bruce Profile
The WABC legend on his radio career.

Interviewing Chuck Leonard
A tribute to Chuck shortly after his death.

Jim Nettleton Profile
Jim talks about coming to WABC from Philadelphia and his time at the station. 

Frank Kingston Smith Profile
An interview with the former WABC DJ. 

Audio Interviews

Jeff Berman
The former WABC production director and assistant program director talks about WABC and his career.

Bob Hardt
Bob on his long career and the fun of working at WABC with Dan Ingram.

Tom Zarecki
Tom worked as a summer relief engineer at WABC in the early seventies.

Chuck Leonard
The WABC DJ legend talks about his hiring and time at WABC.